Fine Lines Under Your Eyes? Here’s Why

One may think that fine lines are, indeed, fine but the fact is that having them is a serious problem. Some people, especially those under their 20s, imagine that only people who are aging are the ones who experience this serious skin problem. Though these lines are common among old people, anyone can have them. If already you have and would like to treat them, then you need to understand the causes. Once you know why you have them, treating will be easy. Here are some of the causes:

Facial Expressions

You probably didn’t expect this one as among the causes of under eye lines. For your information, this is one of the leading causes of these lines that tend to make one look old even at the young age. Some people especially the shortsighted ones tend to squeeze their eyes for them to see far. Squeezing is one of the leading facial expressions that will make you develop lines under eyes. Other facial expressions that cause these lines are:

  • Frowning
  • Squinting
  • Laughing
  • Intense eye expressions

Always remember these causes and try your best to avoid them if you want to avoid developing wrinkles in addition to the lines you’ll have under your eyes. Try your best to ensure that the area under your eyes is not subjected to these movements. With that, you won’t have this issue of fine lines developing under your eyes even at the age of 20.

Under Eye Wrinkles


In addition to the lung problems that smokers have, they also tend to have lines under their eyes. In fact, its’ very rare to meet a smoker who does not have such altered appearance. That means if you would like to get rid of those lines, you must quit smoking first then start the process of treating those you already have under your eyes. Well, stopping the habit might not be an easy journey but with determination, you’ll no doubt overcome.

Poor Diet Plan

Lack of a good diet plan and practicing of a healthy living are some of the reasons why some people tend to develop lines or wrinkles under their eyes at an early age. A good diet plan is one that makes you take more vegetables and fruits. In addition, you ought to ensure that you get vitamins A, C, E and K. If you do that and minimize the intake of processed food, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a youthful appearance for many years. Though you might be tempted to switch to junk and soda drinks that fill you with lots of sugar, the determination to get rid of under eye lines will help you stick to a healthy diet plan every day.

Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Wrinkles

Poor Skincare Routine

Poor skincare makes your face vulnerable to damage. If you have lines and they seem to be increasing day in day out even as you get more products, those are signs that your routine is a poor one. A good skincare routine should ensure that your face stays healthy, all day and night. You need to consult widely when choosing the products to use. Don’t get out to any store out there and pick any product thinking that it will give you the appearance you want. Seek assistance from skin specialists, and you won’t develop eyes under your eyes.

Finally, remember that these lines can develop anytime and on anyone’s skin whether they are old or young. If you would like to avoid them, beware of the above causes and avoid them by all means. There’s no shortcut to preventing or getting rid of them. You need to give it the time and seriousness it deserves if you want to win the battle.

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