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How to Groom Male Customers in the Beauty Salon

How to Groom Male Customers in the Beauty Salon

Beauty salons are usually known for catering to a vast number of women, but as time goes on this number is slowly being balanced out by their male counterparts. Men are joining the beauty world at a rapid pace and are taking advantage of businesses that were usually only havens for women in the not so distant past. Every salon knows how to treat their ladies to a great session, but what about for men? There are a couple of things that you need to be ready for and know well when it comes to male customers, which will be detailed below:

1. Be able to trim beards the professional way

A barber is usually the one that does this, but as more males join the beauty salon world, you need to be sure that you have someone that can do it too as an owner. For starters, you need to buy the right product. Without one, you are always going down the wrong path as beards are very different than the usual body parts you are used to waxing for women. Therefore, one of the best beard and mustache trimmer products is essential to getting the job done correctly. Look for more commercial brands such as Andis and Wahl, and be sure to get one that has many attachments and length settings because you will have to deal with a variety of beards in terms of length and thickness.

After you have the right product, you obviously need to know the technique. I have searched very hard and have found the perfect demonstration for how to trim a male beard:

This video is in depth and shows you the safe and right way to trim a male beard. Aside from the beard trimmer, all you would need is a pair of scissors, which every salon should already have. This method will become easier and easier after each time, so make sure to have your employee practice it multiple times prior to offering it to a customer. Now to move on to the second thing that you must know for your male customers, and something that might be a bit more difficult.

2. Know how to straight razor shave for those that want it

A straight razor shave is much different than a shave with a regular razor. Straight razors tend to be much more sharp and leave you with much less room for error. The last thing you want is to cut a customer’s neck while shaving and leave them bleeding everywhere. This will cause serious issues for your salon that you just don’t want. The good news is however that all it takes is practice and you should never make a mistake with a straight razor. A solid tip is to use a straight razor that isn’t too sharp, like a Parker or Dovo. This can make it much easier and leave you stress free because it is not super sharp like some other brands out there, but it still gets the job done well. Also, you need to know how to sharpen a straight razor because after every 5 or so shaves the razor will start to dull out.

Catering to men only makes sense for salon business owners and is something that you will be surprised at how effective it is if you do it. I would highly recommend to hire a barber that knows how to do this already for your salon as it just makes perfect financial sense and you are able to serve a much larger customer base, therefore increasing profits by a wide amount. I still see the majority of beauty salons are primarily for women and it just boggles my mind. If you are reading this, it is time to get smart and put these tips to use so that you can stand out from the rest, and make sure you market your brand to make it clear that you serve men as well!

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Protecting Your Skin For The Harsh Winter Months

Protecting Your Skin For The Harsh Winter Months

What is not to love about winters? Layered clothing, coffee, late-night warm chats by the fireplace, holiday glee, decoration and sales in winters. The only adverse effect is visible on the skin which suffers when exposed to chilled air.

The dry, flimsy chilly breeze has all the potential to make our complexion dull and dry. But you need not to worry, since every problem has a solution. By changing your daily winter care routine, you can get your pre-winter freshness and vibrancy back.


Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized at all times is a daunting task. These super simple tips will help you in this regard.

  • Look for the humidifier that you have kept at the back of your closet. Fill it up with water and plug it near your bed. It will help you get more dewy and moisturized skin after a sleep break.
  • If you think your moisturizer is not working perfectly for you, try to give your skin a serum kick for a slight radiance lift.
  • Keep in mind, non-facial skin has an equal importance. Investing in a body crème or oil is a good idea to get an overall smooth and soft skin.


It is very important to get rid of dead cells on your skin and body. A granulated scrub followed by an oil absorbing mask can do wonders for your skin texture. Follow the regime on a weekly basis to get instant and everlasting results.


Facial is an ultimate remedy to shed the dead cells from your face. You don’t need to break your bank to get your facial done. You can even do it at your home with some good quality products and a little time investment.


To detox and to maintain blood circulation, nothing matches meditation and yoga. The best part is that these exercises will help you retain overall fitness in addition to bringing back the lost skin glow.


Avoid taking hot water baths in winters as this will result in dry and chapped skin. Instead stick to the luke warm water so as to retain the moisture in your skin and to keep it hydrated.


Keep in mind whatever you do externally is for the temporary benefits. Try to incorporate healthy eating habits in your lifestyle to get long lasting results. Omega 3 enriched diets will help you get vibrant, radiant skin as well as do wonders for your nails and hair. Try to add fish, olive oil, honey and green tea in your daily diet to resolve all your winter beauty issues.


Try to drink as much water as you can. It will keep your skin naturally moisturized and hydrated. Opt for good beauty products and never compromise on quality. Whatever you do, follow it religiously throughout the season because a flawless, beautiful skin and sleek and shiny hair ask for some consistent input. Salon’s can definitely help you this winter, so go to your nearest one and see what they can do for you, and your skin.

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